A simple observation

Passionate about the Art world and as an entrepreneur at heart, I created the company ART IN MOVE from a simple observation: there is currently no art leasing solution capable of simulating online an offer in real time and specially to provide an immediate pre-approval response to a file, without waiting several days.

However, everyone knows that the process of purchasing artworks is an act of passion, which is often done in the instantaneity. As a result, many sales are missed because of this too long human delay.

An “IT” leasing vision

To create this, I put all my IT expertise at the disposal of this project in order to think, design and make available to our customers and partners a new and innovative tool, in the form of an easily exportable web API, to help make investment decisions and which is capable of instantly giving them a trend.

Other businesses

I am also the founding director of the following companies:

ADMICOM (www.admicom.fr), specialized in the private and totally managed cloud for companies.

MY COWORKING (www.mycoworking.com), specialized in renting coworking spaces of high standing.


Nicolas MORET
Leader | Founder

[email protected]
+33 (0)6 22 23 65 15